Storm Emma and the Beast From The East have come and gone, but their effects will be felt for a while yet. We were lucky here in Kill that, while we had lots of snow, we weren’t totally cut off and isolated like some parts of the country. It was also, of course, a brilliant opportunity to try and capture this once-in-decades event in images. So I set out with my camera on two seperate occasions to try my best to document the effects of the snow on my quiet little village.

The first day I ventured up into the backroads surrounding the village, which even without the snow are quite beautiful. The fields and roads were thick with snow, and I was delighted to see much of it completely untouched when I got there.

The second time I ventured out at night, after the worst of Storm Emma had passed, to see how the village had coped in the adverse weather. Despite meeting a handful of other brave souls out in the night, it was really quite odd to experience the eerie isolation.